The Clock of Paradise

Patrick M. Butler

The Clock of ParadiseThis volume contains a dozen short stories. Butler also enjoys writing and performing songs, and the lyrics of several of them are included when a story and a song are in some way related.

"Reading these 12 unique stories was a soul-soothing sojourn around the world. The author is clearly well-studied in multiple cultures and landscapes, and he articulates this intimate knowledge within the context and rhythm of his characters' lives. I found myself wandering down arid, dusty lanes in the Spanish countryside, lurking the insalubrious seedy cinema corridors of 70's outre San Francisco. I slipped inside an antique clock as the narrator humorously yet, gently revealed what happens when a vivacious cat lands on all fours amongst complacent pigeons (energetic avant-garde American loudly invades lazy, conservative French village). I met at least 10 people in the tales with whom I'd like to share a cafe con leche at an out door cafe, just to ask them 'what happened next?' Not everyone in these stories was pleasant, a sober reflection of real life, but damned if they weren't thought-provoking and interesting people.
    "If I were to compare Patrick's style to anyone else, there is an element of the lyrical, mystical journey that is conveyed in Paul Coelho's writing. However, Patrick's work is distinguished from PC's because Butler's stories are more sophisticated and the fates of his populace are less predictable, ergo (IMO) Patrick is a better writer. The lyrics to a number of original songs that read as poems (songwriting is something else that Butler and Coelho have in common) are included where the author feels they fit. Overall, having read a considerable number of novels and stories in a "magical realism/sacred journey" style, this little tome loosely fits into that genre, however Patrick's is an authentic voice."
— Review by Katharine (Kate) Carreaux

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ISBN: 978-1-941066-27-0
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5.5 x 8.5 inches
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