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Ready to Publish?

You've written a book people would love to read, but the market is crowded and you can't find a publisher or an agent. Are you ready to publish and market it yourself? Wordrunner Press offers personal (not boilerplate) book production and publishing services, from manuscript to finished book. We also offer book design services to small publishing houses without an art department. Here are three options:

  • PERFECT BOUND BOOKS: Books with 50 plus pages and glued, full cover covers. Unlimited print runs, from one book to thousands. PLUS Kindles and other e-book formats.
  • CHAPBOOKS: Affordable, well designed booklets stapled at the spine. Limited print runs of 50 or 100 books, with a range of cover paper choices. NOTICE: Chapbook production is suspended.
  • CHAPBOOKS ONLINE. Online publishing is the least expensive option with one copy attracting potentially many more readers. You can do this yourself (free) or Wordrunner Press can assist you with preparing the electronic document.

If you still have questions, after exploring the options on this site, write to publish@wordrunner.com.

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