© 2022 by Linda Bello-Ruiz
ISBN: 978-0989525886
Mariah Publishing
Cover design by Yoko Matsuoka
392 pages, perfect bound
6 x 9 inches
$15.95, paperback; $8.99, kindle

Engineer Javier Torres left the research center and drove his new truck down the private mountain road. He reached the main highway and headed to his girlfriend Carolina’s house in Toxatlan. Within minutes, sicarios—cartel hitmen—surrounded him with motorcycles and SUVs. As bullets from an assault weapon perforated the passenger door, Javier floored the accelerator, fleeing for his life. Where could he go? Who wanted him dead? Could this be an attempted takeover of his chemical lab? 

Sicarios don’t miss” is a widely accepted refrain in Mexico, and it’s usually true. And yet twenty-seven bullets—ten in the truck’s headrest alone—told another story. Why had they let him live? 

The nightmare had begun. This work of fiction, based on actual events, will lead you on a nail-biting, heart-stopping journey with Javier and Carolina as they run for their lives, determined to find answers as colleagues and friends betray them.

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